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Meet Jessie

Certified Life Coach 

I’m married to my best friend Scott, we have two teenage daughters, a dog, a bearded dragon and three finches. My life as a kid was a wild ride, but I got help along the way and broke the patterns that were holding me back. 


I got my Bachelor’s in Psychology from SDSU. The next step was beyond intimidating; going to graduate school-but I had to dream big!


That led me to PLNU where I got my Master’s in Education. For over 5 years, I worked as a High School Counselor in San Diego. One of my favorite parts of that job was helping people realize how amazing their future really could be and then guiding them through the steps to make it a reality. 


After welcoming two daughters into our lives, I learned to balance motherhood with my need for creative expression. I began writing and then created a visual platform to publish my poetry.


We often have more than one skill or interest, so it only makes sense to explore many options to find the one that fits your heart. Now I use my experiences and training to equip and empower women to live their purpose. 


Can coaching  change your future?

Have you seen Star Wars? What would have happened if Luke Skywalker never met Yoda?


Yep, that was crucial. A guide is key to the Hero’s success. Guess what? YOU are the Hero! 


I can walk you through the steps to reach your destination. 

Couldn’t you benefit from partnering with someone whose sole focus is to help you grow? 


Someone who will connect with the vision you have for yourself. A coach that can elevate your self-awareness and help you see yourself the way you were beautifully designed. 


Here’s the deal; you’ve got an incredible life ahead of you, and together, we can make sure you fully embrace it with style and grace. 

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