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About Me



Jessie Hancock found her artistic voice in the lively ambiance of San Diego, California. She blended  the city's diverse influences with the relaxed beach lifestyle to create a distinctive fusion of abstract and figurative art.

During a visit to the J. Paul Getty Museum in Malibu that Jessie's interest in art was truly sparked. Surrounded by the splendor of Illustrated Manuscripts and historically significant paintings, she experienced a profound connection to the power of art, laying the groundwork for a hobby that would become a passionate pursuit.

With a newfound commitment to storytelling through her paintings, Jessie began sharing her work, offering pieces for sale online and in local venues around San Diego. Her life is as vibrant as her art: a happily married wife, a loving mother to two teenage daughters, and a caretaker of a bevy of rescue animals at home.


Jessie can often be found with a coffee in hand, sharing a moment of connection with every friendly dog she meets on the streets. Jessie Hancock's journey is a testament to the transformative power of art and the beauty of finding one’s voice. Her paintings are not just visual expressions but intimate glimpses into the soul of an artist who paints with heart and authenticity.

Artist Statement


In my art, I strive to capture emotions that transcend words, creating spaces for personal interpretation and connection. My process is intuitive and evolves naturally, focusing on themes of adversity, personal growth, and hope. In my studio, amidst music and emerging ideas, I find my truest joy in transforming visions into tangible expressions through color and form. My goal is for viewers to not just see, but feel my art, finding in it a reflection of their own journeys and emotions.

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